Yongsan High School Kim Seung-woo’s various values, defensive sense + movement without the ball + shooting

Kim Seung-woo (194cm, F/C) laid the foundation for the victory at Yongsan High School.

Yongsan High School defeated Gyeongbok High School 80-57 in the final of the 2023 Federation President’s National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Championship Gimcheon held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 10th. First win of the 2023 season.

It was Yujin Lee (200cm, G/F) and Hyukjun Jang (193cm, G/F) who led the early flow of Yongsan High School. First, Lee Yu-jin blocked Kyungbok High’s tall resources in the paint zone, and after the defensive rebound, he shook the balance of Kyungbok High’s offense and defense with flexible ball delivery and a wide attack range.

Jang Hyuk-jun looked at the rim of Gyeongbok High School regardless of whether he had a ball or not. He ignited Yongsan High School’s uptrend with Lee Yoo-jin’s pass, one dribble jumper, or breakthrough.

There were also players who supported Lee Yu-jin and Jang Hyuk-jun. Seungwoo Kim. Kim Seung-woo focused on defense at the beginning of the game. They also blocked Gyeongbok High School tall resources including Lee Geun-jun (197cm, G/F) and Kyungbok High School ball handlers including Lee Byung-yeop (183cm, G/F). With various matchups and a wide range of defense, Lee Yu-jin and Jang Hyuk-jun relieved the burden of defense.

In addition, Kim Seung-woo drew attention as a shooter even in the early days of his enrollment at Yongsan High School. A player with a knack for scoring. But he wasn’t just looking for three points. He also added strength to the attack with a one-dribble jumper and ball-free movement that matched the court balance.

The screen was also used outside the 3-point line. It was not a screen for offense, but a screen for court balance. Seung-Woo Kim’s moves created space in the ball-free area, and other players could use that space. Yongsan High School, which found an offensive balance, finished the first half with a score of 39-32.

Kim Seung-woo energized the team from the first attack in the third quarter. Although he failed to score 3 points, he induced a foul free throw by participating in an offensive rebound. Both free throws were successful. His own shooting sense could also be checked.

Kim Seung-woo did not hold the ball much. However, he penetrated the paint zone with instantaneous and quick movements. He was fouled by a defender. He was on the free throw line again. Both free throws were successful. Seung-Woo Kim’s active movement gave Yongsan High a double-digit advantage (43-32).

Yongsan High School used John Press and a 3-2 regional defense 4 minutes and 30 seconds before the end of the third quarter. Kim Seung-woo stood on the tower. Kim Seung-woo, who has both physicality and wide range of defense, blocked Kyungbok High School’s passing lane and shooting well, and after successful defense, he participated in a quick attack to score Yongsan High School’s points.

However, Yongsan High School’s defensive formation was shaken by several passes from Kyungbok High School. Kim Seung-woo couldn’t do anything alone. Lee Yoo-jin is aware of such a situation. He finished the third quarter with a backboard jumper. Yongsan High School got out of the crisis with a score of 53-45.

Kim Seung-woo gave a meaningful performance in 11 seconds in the 4th quarter. Hui, who moved briefly from the left corner, scored 3 points from the left wing. In the next attack, he helped Lee Yu-jin cut-in with a bounce pass. Kim Seung-woo’s involvement in the attack made another difference between Yongsan High School and Gyeongbok High School. 카지노사이트

Yongsan High School ran away 58-45 within a minute of the fourth quarter. Kim Seung-woo continued to create a good flow in the invisible place, and Yongsan High School maintained a long time difference from Gyeongbok High School. Victory was confirmed early.

Predicting victory, Kim Seung-woo smiled widely. He finished the league presidency with 16 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals in full-time appearances. The value that was not revealed in the record book also stood out. And after sharing a high five of joy with the teammates in the half court, they prepared for the awards ceremony. To be precise, it was a victory ceremony.

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