Women’s Division Awards Ceremony MVP Lim Yeon-seo Middle School Women’s High School Yang In-ye

On the 9th, the ‘2023 Federation President’s National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Gimcheon Competition’ women’s awards ceremony was held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium in Gimcheon, Gyeongbuk.

In the women’s middle division, Supia Girls’ Middle School won the championship, and Lim Yeon-seo, who led the team to the championship, won the MVP award. Lim Yeon-seo won two crowns, not only MVP but also her personal record (points).

In the girls’ high school division, Onyang Girls’ High School won the championship. Yang In-ye was named the MVP. Then, Onyang Girls’ High School made the federation president their stage by listing Yang In-ye (rebound), Kim So-yul (assist), and Choi Yu-ji (defense) in their individual records. 온라인카지노

Meanwhile, after the award ceremony, the ‘Dream Scholarship’ awarding ceremony was held prepared by the heads of 17 provincial and provincial basketball associations across the country. Dong-yeol Kim, chairman of the National Council of Provincial Basketball Associations, awarded scholarships to Subin Han of Dongju Girls’ Middle School, Seung-hyun Lee of Hwabong Middle School, Hyeon-shik Bae of Anyang High School, Yeon-seo Lim of Supia Girls’ Middle School, and In-ye Yang of Onyang Girls’ High School.

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