Will ‘Point Forward’ Scott be the key to KOGAS’ rebound?

“There is a word called point forward. Scott doesn’t score 1-1 by himself, but he can play a middle role when the domestic players get stuck on the attack.”

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation defeated Seoul Samsung 83-77 in a home game held at Daegu Gymnasium on the 7th, giving home fans a victory for the first time in 2023. They also broke a 3-game losing streak at home.

On this day, Yushu Ndoye’s substitute foreign player Devon Scott participated for the first time. Scott has experienced KBL once in the 2020-2021 season at Incheon Etland, the predecessor of Gas Corporation.

At the time, Jonathan Motley was active as the first foreign player, and Scott supported him. In addition, Scott, who experienced the Asia League for the first time at the time, recently played an active part in the Philippine League.

An official from Gas Corporation said, “This time, I played in the Philippine League. In the Philippines, we had one foreign player, so we had to take responsibility for all 48 minutes. I myself was unfamiliar with the Asia League when I was playing in E-Land before, and I was quarantined for 14 days due to Corona 19 and my physical condition was not perfect.” I learned how to do it and adapted to the characteristics of the Asian League.”

Scott played 16 minutes and 11 seconds on the day and recorded 15 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 1 block. Scores and rebounds stand out compared to playing time. Thanks to Scott’s performance, Murphy Holloway is also able to arrange physical strength.

KOGAS coach Yoo Hoon said after the victory that day, “Scott made up for Holloway’s physical burden in the first game. As a result of matching and playing on the 4th (training), I wonder if it is okay because I am a player who knows basketball,” he said. “There is a word called point forward. Scott is not alone in scoring one-on-one, but he can play a middle role when the domestic players are stagnant while attacking. He can also play a role while being sensible on defense, such as fouling. Today (7th), he did well with 8 even though he also played a short time rebounding. In the future, the synergy effect of domestic players should come out through Scott in the attack,” he was satisfied with Scott’s performance.

Chabawi, who has worked with Scott, said, “He is a smart friend. If they do well like today, Holloway’s stamina will be arranged, and if we compete in good faith and take the time to play, we will be able to do well enough. Also, there is a game the day after tomorrow, and there is time to match during the break,” he said. I will try to do well in the future because I am going to go to the playoffs this season by working hand-to-hand with (Scott) and see the game.” 토토사이트

He continued, “I have to play more games, but even if my playing time increased during the Philippine League, my scoring ability also went up. He added, “If you meet tougher foreign players and smarter foreign players in the future, you will know what to do.”

Currently, Samsung’s foreign player skills are not good. Samsung is considering replacing both foreign players. Marcus Derrickson is known to have already left the country due to not feeling well, and he also decided not to extend the contract with Derrickson’s temporary replacement, Jonathan Alledge. Foreign players who will replace them are scheduled to enter the country on the 9th. Emmanuel Terry also has a weak body fight.

Scott’s proper evaluation of his skills remains to be seen, but it gave rise to expectations that he would lead the rebound of Gas Corporation if he continued his performance in the return game.

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