“Why is the national anthem played at the Anfield game?”…‘Congratulations on the coronation of King Charles III’ scheduled, Liverpool fans “forced ceremony”

Controversy arose as Liverpool planned to play a national anthem to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III of England prior to the 2022-2023 English Premier League home game against Brentford on the 6th (local time). It is becoming.

According to BBC Sport, Liverpool “accepted the Premier League’s request to commemorate the coronation and will play the national anthem”. I know you have strong opinions.”

Charles III succeeded to the throne right after the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8 last year, and after eight months of preparation, he wears a crown that weighs more than 2 kg on this day. The coronation of Charles III, held 70 years after the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, is a very large event of national significance.

Liverpool, which is aiming for a jump to fourth place, will play an important match against Brentford this evening (1:30 am on the 7th, Korean time).

The Premier League side urged clubs to commemorate the coronation in some way at matches this weekend, and offered several options, including playing the national anthem.

Last season’s England FA Cup Final at London’s Wembley Stadium was booed at the national anthem, which then Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said was “not something I enjoyed”. He said, “Why is this happening? People won’t do that for no reason.”

At a press conference ahead of the match against Brentford on the 5th, coach Klopp said, “The position of the club is my position. Since I am from Germany, and Germany has no king or queen, this is a subject I cannot have a proper opinion on.”

He continued, “I am sure many people in this country will enjoy the coronation, but some may not be interested, and some will not like it. That’s all I can say.” 먹튀검증

Why do Liverpool fans boo the national anthem?

According to BBC Sport, John Gibbons of the Anfield Lab, a Liverpool fan podcast, opined that “the club’s fans do not appreciate the celebrations forced upon them”.

Liverpool supporters have a history of booing the national anthem in last season’s Carabao Cup final and the 2012 FA Cup final.

“People will have different opinions, but in general Liverpool stands apart from the rest of the world in favor of us being a republic,” said John Gibbons.

“When millions of dollars are spent on coronations in London, there will be food banks off the ground. There are people in this city who can’t afford to eat when millions of dollars are spent putting a crown on someone’s head. This is an absurd situation.”

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