Why did Hanyang University coach Jeong Jae-hoon show regret despite escaping from a losing streak?

Rather than the joy of escaping from three consecutive losses, manager Jung Jae-hoon seemed to be deeply regretful about the team’s lack of support.

Hanyang University won 79-71 in the home game against Dongguk University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at Hanyang University Seoul Campus Olympic Gymnasium on the 4th. With this victory, Hanyang University got out of the swamp of three consecutive losses.

Coach Jae-hoon Jeong said, “It feels good to win the home game. However, he had poor finishing in the fourth quarter. It was similar to the previous Yonsei University match. It seems that the players have not yet shaken off the afterimage (about the lack of support). I hope to shake off the disappointment of the previous match with this victory.”

Hanyang University, which had an early double-digit score advantage in the second quarter, was uneasy in the fourth quarter. The opponent’s 3-point shot, which had hardly exploded, opened the water, and the stamina of the team players seemed to be rapidly exhausted.

Manager Jung Jae-hoon said, “The play continues smoothly and then becomes stiff in an instant. The team doesn’t have a senior to center it (in a difficult situation). There are few people available to play. As a result (toward the second half), the players are physically burdened. ㅋㅋㅋ벳 My heart seems to be in a hurry. I think the lacking part will get better as experience accumulates.”

The growth of sophomore Shin Ji-won despite the poor team situation is the beauty of watching Hanyang Daejeon. Shin Ji-won, the only tall player in the team, recorded a double-double with 20 points and 12 rebounds in 30 minutes and 29 seconds, leading the team to victory. Throughout the game, Shin Ji-won showed off his smart use of space and dominated the bottom of the goal. Hanyang University, which did not have a height advantage over its opponents, gained an early rebound advantage (12-5) in the first quarter, thanks to Shin Ji-won.

Director Jeong Jae-hoon said, “(Shin Ji-won) is now in his sophomore year. Compared to his freshman year, he has grown a lot. (Shin) Jiwon knows exactly what role he has to play in the game. Since he is the only big man on the team, he plays a lot to save his brothers. He evaluated Shin Ji-won, saying, “He is doing his part well enough in that part.

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