Why are you back now? Lotte Pilseung Card splendid comeback “Don’t go to the second group again

The phrase ‘Cheonggunmanma’ was really right.

At Changwon NC Park on the 21st, where the match between Lotte and NC was held, a familiar face appeared after a long time. Right-handed Lotte pitcher Choi Jun-yong (22) was named to the first-team roster for the first time after the start of the season.

Choi Jun-yong, who played an active role as Lotte’s winning team last year, was excluded from this year’s opening entry and had to temper himself in the second team. The burden on the Lotte bullpen was also great. As a member of Pil Seung-jo disappeared, the burden on setup man Koo Seung-min and closer Kim Won-joong increased.

About three weeks after the opening, Choi Jun-yong joined the first-team entry, and the Lotte bullpen was able to regain its vigor. Choi Jun-yong made his first appearance of the season against NC on the 21st and blocked one inning scoreless, paving the way for the team’s come-from-behind victory. It came with a 10-6 win.

Regarding being excluded from the opening entry, Choi Jun-yong said, “I was excited and nervous because I threw from the 1st team mound for the first time in a long time. It was the first time I was on the mound when I was a rookie.” I prepared with my heart. I think I prepared with the thought that I should do as well as expected if I go up to the first team. As my condition improves, I feel that I will be able to pitch well in the future.”

What did Choi Jun-yong refine while he was in the 2nd Army? The coaching staff ordered him to use the ‘second pitch’. Choi Jun-yong said, “The coaching staff talked a lot about the second pitch. Coach Bae Young-soo also said that it would be nice to have a breaking ball that can be used in unfavorable ball counts. So I practiced a lot of curveballs.”

Naturally, when Choi Jun-yong, who was expected to be named in the opening entry, suddenly disappeared from the mound for the first team, Lotte fans couldn’t help but grow curious. In the online baseball community, the story of Choi Jun-yong’s whereabouts (?) was often mentioned. Choi Jun-yong was well aware of this reaction. Choi Jun-yong said, “When I looked on the Internet, fans were very curious. 토토사이트

Now, with the addition of Choi Jun-yong, it is expected that the burden of Koo Seung-min and Kim Won-joong will be reduced. Choi Jun-yong, who said, “I wasn’t there, so the hyungs shared the burden. The hyungs also said, ‘Why can’t you see?

As he joined the first team stage late, his desperation grew. Choi Jun-yong said, “I felt again how good it is to play in the first team, and now that I am back in the first team, I will take good care of my body and show a good performance on the mound so that I do not go to the second team again. Pitchers who go to the mound must do well. I will throw hard,” he said, reaffirming his determination.

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