“Who is number 47?”…Young Gun, who stands out the most in Seongnam, is really threatening

When watching Seongnam FC games, what fans say the most is “Who is number 47?” As such, Park Ji-won has shown a strong presence from the beginning of the season.

Seongnam, which was relegated last season, was forced to change the squad. Due to the aftermath of the relegation and the reduced budget, many players left. The newly appointed head coach Lee Ki-hyeong started a reorganization and recruited a large number of players in their early and mid-20s who did not receive many opportunities or were full of aspirations to play. He also declared that he would actively give opportunities to young resources who were in the existing team.

In Seongnam, which played against Ansan Greeners and Bucheon FC 1995, the most outstanding player is Park Ji-won. Park Ji-won, a winger born in 2000, grew up at Poongsaeng High School, a youth club in Seongnam, and joined Seongnam in 2022 after going through Sunmoon University. Park Ji-won, who has been highly anticipated, played the game in the beginning, but gradually got no chance. In his second season, Park Ji-won made a position change. He played as a left full-back rather than a winger.

The performance was very good. He led the attack on the left side of Seongnam with tremendous progress. He was dynamic in driving the ball and calmly passed away even when the defense rushed. He also liked the pressure and initiative. A challenging pass stood out. According to data from ‘Bpro Eleven,’ an official K-League supplementary data company, in the match against Ansan, passes to the offensive area were the most common among Seongnam players. The pass success rate was also high at 86%.

In the somewhat delayed match against Bucheon, the pass in the attack area and the success rate dropped, but it was still threatening. It developed from a defensive metric. He won all 2 attempts at ground competition and recorded 3 interceptions, 6 clearings, 1 tackle, and 2 blocks. He doesn’t have any offensive points yet, but his performance during the second round certainly raised expectations for his future performance. 토토사이트

It is Park Ji-won who prevented Park Soo-il and Lee Si-young from leaving the fullback gap. Park Ji-won’s playstyle is perfect for the intense pressure and quick turnover that coach Lee Ki-hyung pursues. His current position is fullback, but he can be used offensively at any time, and in a recent interview with ‘Inter Football’, he showed his commitment, saying, “I can play in any position if the team needs it.”

It is important to maintain the atmosphere. In the upcoming home game against Chungnam Asan, Park Ji-won will gain more confidence if he continues the content of the last two games.

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