Unusual weather, catches the ankle from the departure of Lee Kang-cheol

Departure is just around the corner. However, the unexpected weather is poised to turn grumpy.

The WBC (World Baseball Classic) team led by coach Lee Kang-cheol will convene on the 15th (Korean time) at the Keno Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Most of the players except Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) and Tommy Edman (St. In addition to training, the national team also checks their sense of practice through a total of six practice matches with NC Dinos, KIA Tigers, KT Wiz, and LG Twins, who are training locally. It is a practice game that combines face-up and actual combat.

There is a possibility that Lee Kang-cheol-ho will slow down due to unexpected weather variables.

It is predicted that it will rain in Tucson from the morning on the 14th, the day before the national team is called. Expected precipitation is 8 mm. Compared to domestic, it is a small amount that does not significantly affect the weather. 안전놀이터 However, in Tucson, which is built in the middle of the desert, it rained only four times in January and February of last year, and the amount of precipitation was less than 5 mm. On the 15th, the day of the national team call, it is predicted that more than 5mm of rain will fall in the afternoon.

A bigger problem than rain is the expected temperature drop. The temperature in Tucson, which rose to a maximum of 25 degrees during the day, is expected to drop to around 10 degrees after the rain. It is known that the morning weather, which used to hover around 10 degrees Celsius, will drop to a maximum of minus 3 degrees.

If this happens, there will inevitably be a setback in the national team’s outside training, which will be held in the morning and afternoon. There is no problem in the physical part as they join the national team after completing the early schedule of their respective team’s camp, but training in cold weather can lead to injury in a situation where both the two and the others do not have perfect senses. In a short-term match where all efforts are needed, injury is the most important factor to avoid for the national team. There are clear traces of worry on director Lee’s face, who has no choice but to look up at the sky even before departure.

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