Unpredictable south high school, exciting preliminaries finish

The game of the South High School Division in this tournament was unpredictable.

From the 4th, the 48th Association Long National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship has been held in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do. On the 7th, the 4th day of the tournament, the match between Songdo High School and Gwangju High School ended the group stage schedule for the South High School Division.

With the four-day preliminaries schedule over, the south and high school divisions of this tournament were more exciting as they showed an unpredictable game. As much as that, there are a lot of biting between teams in a group, so some teams laughed and some teams cried because of the at-bat ratio.

With the round of 16 scheduled for the South High School starting on the 9th, we summarized the teams that succeeded in advancing to the finals in each group.

First of all, Samil High School and Naksaeng High School survived in Group A. Both teams recorded 2 wins and 1 loss each, but according to the winner-to-win rule, Samil High took first place in the group.

In Groups B, E, and F, the joys and sorrows were mixed due to the difference in gains and losses.

In Group B, Busan Joongang High School, Sangsan Electronic High School, and Cheongshin Shinheung High School tied (2 wins and 1 loss), and Joongang High School, which was the most advanced in terms of gains and losses, was placed at the top of the rankings. On the other hand, Sinheung High School suffered a crushing defeat by 35 points (49-84) to Jungang High School, the last opponent in the preliminaries, in a situation where Shinheung High School won 2 wins, and was frustrated in advancing to the finals.

In Group E, which is called the group of death, Jemulpogo cried. Jemulpo High School also received the same report card as Hongik University High School and Jeonju High School with 2 wins and 1 loss, but was pushed out of the difference in score and gave away a ticket to the finals.

In the ranking battle between Anyang High School, Myongji High School, and Yang Jeong High School, Yang Jeong High School was eliminated. The three teams also stood shoulder to shoulder with 2 wins and 1 loss, but Yang Jeong-go, who had the lowest margin of loss, suffered a loss. Anyang High School defeated Dong-A High School 100-62 in the last game of the preliminaries and turned its attention to the final round by finishing first in Group F. 메이저놀이터

Defending champion Yongsan High School laughed lightly in the match for first place in Group C against Muryong High School, while Daejeon High School in Group D pushed Gwangshin Broadcasting Preview to second place after fierce competition.

Gimhae Gaya High School and Gyeongbok High School took first place in Groups G and H, which were tied with three teams.

With Kwon Min and Kim Dong-young at the forefront, Gayago went on an undefeated streak and succeeded in advancing to the finals without difficulty

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