Ulsan’s candidate striker who flutters in the European A match… Martin Adam scores 2 consecutive goals in Hungary

Ulsan Hyundai’s Hungarian national striker Martin Adam scored two goals in a row for the national team.

On the 28th (Korean time), Hungary played the first match of Group G of the Euro 2024 qualifier at the Pushkas Arena in Budapest, Hungary, and defeated Bulgaria 3-0. Hungary won the friendly against Estonia 1-0 on the 24th. March 2 consecutive win streak. Since the match against Greece in November of last year, he has won three A matches in a row.

Martin Adam was originally a player who was selected for Hungary but did not score. Seol Lay Adam, who had been the front line of Hungary for a long time, announced his retirement from the national team at the age of 35 last September, and since November of last year, Adam has risen to the front line. At the time, he hadn’t scored a goal in two matches.

With the opening goal against Estonia, Atin Adam showed potential and continued to play an active part in the Euro qualifiers. In the 39th minute, when the team was winning by two goals, in a fast-breaking situation, he ran forward to avoid the defensive eyes and neatly kicked the rolling ball into the corner.

Hungary’s second line is splendid. Germany’s Freiburg’s main winger Serlay Roland and RB Leipzig’s star midfielder Bososlei Dominic are reassuring. After the retirement of Sullai Adam, it was only a problem in the front line, but K-League Martin Adam emerged as a solution. He is one of only two non-Europeans in the Hungarian national team.

Hungary is one of the most up-and-coming teams in Europe. After not reaching the Euro finals for 44 years, he advanced to the round of 16 at the same time as advancing to the Euro 2016 finals. ‘Euro 2020’ did not pass the group stage, but instead, it is making clear achievements in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Nations League. In the Nations League with promotion and relegation, the first competition started in Division C and achieved promotion, the next competition was played in Division B and then Division A. The playoffs, in which the top teams in each Division A group advance, were narrowly missed by only one point difference with Italy, which ranked first in the group. Remaining in Division A, we will be able to continue to play against the best teams in Europe in the next Nations League. 토토사이트

Recently, the European qualifiers have become much easier as the number of countries advancing to the finals has increased to 24. Hungary passed the preliminary round in both rounds after the opportunity was expanded. In this preliminaries, it is necessary to place within 2nd place among the 5 teams in Group G. Serbia is evaluated as the strongest in the group, but Hungary is highly likely to advance to the finals. Martin Adam is likely to play an active role as Hungary’s main striker in the Euro finals.

Martin Adam started only 1 out of 4 games this season for his team, Ulsan Hyundai, and played as a substitute in the remaining 3 games, so far he has not scored. Newly recruited striker Joo Min-gyu took the lead in the competition and is solidifying his position by scoring two goals. In the first half of this year, there was no Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL), so it was difficult for Martin Adam to secure an opportunity to play. It is good news for Ulsan to return after raising the sense of goal in A match.

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