The voice of ‘152 people’, marathon club members… “Thank you DRAX”

“The Drax Indoor Marathon is an event that will make you a good friend for ‘the beginning of running’.”

The ‘DRAX Indoor Marathon’ hosted by Korea’s No. 1 fitness brand DRAX was successfully completed on the 23rd at IVEX Hyper Hall in Gwangmyeong.

It is a new concept indoor running event where you can feel the ‘taste of marathon’ with a treadmill, and for two days from the 22nd, a total of 152 Cheol-gak members showed off their honed skills on the belt.

The essence was running. The concept of the combination of treadmill and marathon was unfamiliar, but the rules were simple.

The order was easy to understand.

Participants wait on the treadmill belt assigned to them, and when the start signal sounds, the treadmill automatically starts and competes for ranking.

Afterwards, the speed is automatically changed according to the movement of the athlete, and when the target distance for each event is reached, the race is automatically finished. DRAX’s technological prowess, which realized a ‘treadmill capable of running a marathon’, such as the world’s first Speed ​​Sync system that detects the user’s running intention and automatically adjusts the speed, and the floating deck method that significantly reduces the risk of joint injury, stood out.

The competition was fierce from the first event of the first event, the women’s 5km. Four or five runners fought back and forth throughout the race. 카지노사이트

In the second half of the game, Lee Joo-young, who showed a brilliant last-minute spurt at a speed of over 18 km/h, beat Kang Hyun-ji and Park So-young, who consistently maintained around 15 km per hour, and rose to the top.

Lee Ju-young won a prize money of 1 million won, a trophy, and a medal for completion, and enjoyed the joy of lifting the trophy from the top of the podium.

Park So-young and Kang Hyun-ji, who came second and third, received 500,000 won and 200,000 won respectively. Runners who finished in 4th to 7th place also received prize money, and all participants who succeeded in finishing regardless of their rankings were handed over completion medals to remind them of the joy of running.

In addition, Kim Eun-seop in the men’s 5km event, and ‘Busan obsession’ laughed brightly at the 21km team event in which two men and one woman competed in pairs. Kim Eun-seop won the men’s 10km event on the second day of the competition and was honored with two gold medals. Kang Kyung-ah won the women’s 10km event, and Song Young-jun and Park So-young each won gold medals in the men’s and women’s 21km event.

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