The remarks of players who cross the line, suffering and overstepping their authority should be separated

The national soccer team is actually a place where top players are ‘struggling’. In the case of overseas players, they have to fly for more than 20 hours round trip to play one or two matches, adapt for only two days, and 토토 have to play against an unfamiliar country on a bad grass. If you perform even a little poorly, the media and fans will criticize you a lot. He even insults his family in personal attacks.

Of course, it’s good to achieve your childhood dream of being a ‘national team’ only when you’re first selected, but that’s only once or twice. Players who are accustomed to being on the national team have a hard time competing for starting positions in their team. do. It’s not like they pay a lot of money either.

No matter who sees it, once you become a national team player, 토토 the hardships of the national team are not the only thing. If you look at the reality, you feel sorry for the players and even feel sorry for them. It’s not for nothing that players say, “Those who are not selected for the national team, but who receive high salaries and play for a long time in overseas leagues are the best.”

I certainly understand the players’ hardships. However, players have their duties as players, and the Korea Football Association has its own duties, such as the association’s duties, as well as managers, coaches, and trainers. It is natural that they want to be recognized for their hard work, but it should not appear as an excess of authority.

▶ Players who cross the ‘line’ surrounding the appointment of the national team coach

However, if you look at the recent series of controversies surrounding the soccer team, the players continue to cross the ‘line’. First of all, let’s see what the players said about the appointment of the manager after the renewal of the contract with manager Paulo Bento.

Statements such as ‘I have to speak up’, ‘I am our manager’, and ‘You must not ignore the players’ position’ may sound like correct words at first glance, but they are statements that cross the line.

I’m sorry, but unlike professional teams, the national team can be selected by anyone with Korean nationality. Anyone can be elected means that anyone can not be elected. Extremely, the next coach may not even select Son Heung-min for the national team. No player is guaranteed a national team.

A player who plays in Europe now and shows good skills can suddenly get injured or deteriorate, and then he may not be selected for the national team. But how can it be ‘players’ position’ or ‘our manager’?

There is no case in which the voices of the players are reflected in the selection of coaches in a calm manner. Because no player can stay on that team forever. The national team is natural, and so are the professional teams. It is natural for the head of the club or association to appoint a manager that fits their team situation and philosophy, but it is truly ‘extraordinary’ for the players to speak out about the appointment of a manager.

Of course, if you are a ‘captain’ or ‘key player’ that no one can ignore, for example, Son Heung-min, you can hear opinions about the appointment of a coach, but that should also be a reference worth ‘opinion’. Calmly, the player must be faithful to the role of playing soccer according to the philosophy of the appointed coach.

Regarding the appointment of a coach, the association must eventually clarify the direction and philosophy of football they pursue and appoint the best coach suitable for it. If the players cross the line because they don’t trust it, it’s the players’ fault, but it’s also the association’s fault.

The Korea Football Association also needs to consider carefully whether to prioritize the upcoming Asian Cup or appoint a coach who can make good use of the characteristics of the national team’s main players, rather than an overly ideal soccer model. .

In the case of Kim Pan-gon, the former head coach of the national team, the reason why he received support was because he presented a clear direction to lead Korean soccer in a certain direction, whether that direction was right or not, and to appoint a coach suitable for that direction. If Chairman Muller also shows this kind of appearance, the players will not cross the ‘line’.

▶Athletes who crossed the ‘line’ in relation to trainer Ahn Deok-soo

In addition, the controversy surrounding Ahn Deok-soo’s trainer also seriously crossed the line. Personal trainer Son Heung-min and trainer Ahn Deok-soo became a hot topic after the World Cup with an SNS post that attacked the Korea Football Association, and the Korea Football Association refuted with an official statement on the 10th.

A total of 14 situations were explained, but the summary is as follows.

1. No matter how much it is, no matter how much it is, it cannot ignore the National Sports Promotion Act that has been implemented since February 2021, even if it is the Korea Football Association. In November 2021, an announcement was made to recruit a mandatory trainer, but trainer Ahn Deok-soo did not apply and did not have any of the four qualifications required by the National Sports Promotion Act.

2. The players demanded an expedient act from the Korea Football Association to register as a different position for Ahn Deok-soo, who did not qualify or apply. In addition, the medical team leader, a doctor, even requested dismissal for opposing Ahn Deok-soo.

3. The position of the association is that the medical team leader has never opposed Ahn Deok-soo, but anyway, he respected the opinions of the players and even excluded the medical team leader from work.

4. There was also a case where the opinion of the MRI expert and the trainer Ahn Deok-soo did not agree.

5. It is said that there are people who do not meet the qualifications among the existing national team staff, but since they were hired before the law came into existence, they could not be retroactively applied.

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