The Potter Effect? Chelsea, like Brighton a year ago

It’s the same as Decalcomani. The problem is that, unlike Brighton, Chelsea have spent over £600m (approximately 947 billion won).

Chelsea’s Premier League position this season is 10th. They have 31 points, 23 goals and 23 goals in 23 matches.

Coincidentally, Graham Porter, who currently leads Chelsea, has similar results and game content to Brighton last season. Brighton was also in 9th place in the league with 33 points, 25 goals and 23 conceded points from 23 matches. There is not much difference from Chelsea now.

At Brighton, Porter played low-key, tight-lock football. Brighton, whose power was weak, showed the most efficient football that could be used.

Todd Boelli, who became Chelsea owner in May last year, picked Porter as Thomas Tuchel’s successor. He judged that he was the right person to run the team for the long term. Less than a year after the sale of the club, he spent over 600 million pounds on player recruitment alone, empowering manager Porter.

The results fall well below expectations. Even though I had a much stronger card than Brighton in my hand, the score remained the same. 바카라사이트 There are many criticisms that Porter does not properly utilize the resources he has.

Chelsea fans demand a resignation, but the club’s leadership believes in Porter. In particular, the trust of Boelli’s owner is great.

Porter led the team to 15th, 16th and 9th places in three seasons at Brighton. Boelli’s owner believes Porter needs time.

The British media’The Sun’ said on the 22nd (Korean time), “Boelli’s owner believes that Chelsea’s performance will rebound after Porter’s adaptation period. There will be no resignation of Porter this season.”

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