The name most wanted by K-League 1 coaches, Yun Bitgaram

Midfielder Yoon Bit-garam (33), who left Jeju United through a trade before this season and transferred to Suwon FC, lived up to the title of ‘genius’ with creative play, passing, and kicking skills. Last season in Jeju, he experienced many trials due to a discord with coach Nam Ki-il, but he moved to Suwon FC and combined with another genius Lee Seung-woo, the synergy effect is attracting much attention.

At the 2023 K League 1 Media Day held at The-K Hotel in Yangjae-dong, Seoul on the 20th, the gaze of other team coaches looking at Yoon Bit-garam, who attended with Suwon FC coach Kim Do-gyun, was unusual. Both of you raised your hands, saying you wanted to bring Yun Bit-garam.

It started with Choi Yong-soo, Gangwon FC coach. Coach Choi said, “The innate soccer intelligence is extraordinary. I am greedy,” he said, revealing his true intentions. Choi Won-kwon, coach of Daegu FC, also said, “Now our team needs a player with creativity. So he thought he wanted to bring Yoon Bitgaram.”

Gwangju FC coach Lee Jeong-hyo, who won the K-League 2 last season and was promoted to K-League 1, also picked Yoon Bit-garam as the first player he wanted to bring. However, unlike other directors, his skill was not the reason. Director Lee said, “There is a skillful part, but he wants to have a conversation with him. I’m really curious about how you think,” he said. “You seem really confident in yourself. So the code looks good to me. 토토사이트 I would like to have a conversation,” he explained. Coach Lee is famous for confidently saying what he wants to say without hesitation after taking office as the head coach of Gwangju last season, and Yun Bit-garam is also well-known for saying what he wants to say.

Upon receiving the ‘love call’ from the directors, Yoon Bit-garam put on a puzzled expression with a smile. Still, after making up his mind, he said that he would be in good shape for the upcoming new season with a new team. “I worked hard to get better results than last season,” he said. He promised to have a fun game to enjoy with the fans with many goals and victories.”

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