“The match-fixing wound was big”… The Football Association chose ‘criminals’ rather than ‘fans’

The Korea Football Association (hereafter referred to as the Football Association) hurt again.

The Football Association held a board meeting on the 28th and decided to pardon 100 soccer players who are being disciplined. The problem is that out of 100 people, 48 people who committed the most heinous crime of ‘match fixing’ in sports were also included.

Upon hearing the news, soccer fans were outraged. Moreover, the amnesty result was announced two hours before the start of the evaluation match between Korea and Uruguay. It was a shallow tactic to divert the attention of public opinion to the Seoul World Cup Stadium. From an incomprehensible pardon to an unreasonable disclosure. Football fans couldn’t help but explode.

The first to speak up was Daejeon Lovers, a supporter of Daejeon Hana Citizen. Daejeon Lovers released a statement the day after the amnesty was announced.

Daejeon Lovers said, “We finished 15th in the league in 2011. I still remember the interview where our player had a ceremony saying, ‘We will be born again with trust’ after scoring, and shed tears saying, ‘We did not play to win today, but to live.’ I do not deny that it was a disgraceful and disgraceful event for us, and it was history.”

Daejeon was involved in a match-fixing scandal in 2011 (then Daejeon Citizen) when it was in the form of a citizen club. Twelve Daejeon players participated in the manipulation, and eight were permanently expelled. Some players even tried to transfer abroad. The team became a mess and Daejeon fans were deeply hurt.

The Football Association’s decision to amnesty outside of common sense is an act of reopening the wounds of Daejeon fans. To them, 100 soccer players who said they reflected were more important than Daejeon fans. 먹튀검증

Chairman Daejeon Lovers said through ‘My Daily’, “I heard the news of the pardon and had a meeting with the management team that evening. I thought it was something that shouldn’t be passed on, and I issued a statement the next day. Many people were hurt by the events that happened in 2011. I don’t understand why he decided to forgive those who violated the most important ‘fair play’ in football.”

The Korea Football Association said that it reflected field opinions in the sense of ‘a new start to celebrate advancing to the World Cup 10 times in a row and advancing to the round of 16 in the World Cup in Qatar’. Chairman Daejeon Lovers said, “The reason for the pardon is also unconvincing. This amnesty is a problem that can shake the foundation of Korean football, not the K-League. After the dark days in 2011, interest in football is only growing now, but it seems to go against the times.”

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