The ‘0.41 ERA’ winner who only kept the dugout…”I’ll give you a medal with my hand”

Busan High ace Won Sang-hyun, 19, has been garnering attention for his outstanding abilities since he was a high school sophomore. Last year, he led Busan High to its first trophy in 29 years at the Bonghwangdae. He pitched a perfect game throughout the tournament, going 3-0 with a 0.41 ERA in five games and earning the Most Valuable Player title.

During the offseason, Won worked hard to take his game to the next level, but he didn’t reach his goal right away. He strained his arm trying to throw a slightly faster ball. He got the 150-mph fastball he wanted, but then an injury followed. He had to go through rehabilitation and missed this year’s Golden Lion.

He was stuck in the dugout for the entire tournament. I watched my teammates struggle with anxiety. I felt very sorry for them. I wanted to help them, but I was frustrated that I couldn’t. It wasn’t until Busan Go stood atop the Golden Lion that Won’s smile returned.

In the final game of the 77th Golden Lion National High School Baseball Tournament and Weekend League King of the Weekend League at Mokdong Baseball Stadium on the 29th, Busan Go defeated Sunlin Internet Go 12-3 to win the title. Speaking to Sporting News after the game, Won Sang-hyun said, “Before the tournament, I was told that it would be difficult for Busan Go to win the title without Won Sang-hyun. But I didn’t agree at all. We have Sung Young-tak and many other good pitchers. I was confident that we could win,” he said, praising his teammates.

“When I couldn’t play, my teammates wore my number, ’54,’ on their hats. I can’t thank them enough. Of course, I wanted to go out, but the other pitchers did a good job. Even coach Park Kye-won jokingly reassured me, saying, ‘We’re better without you.’ 안전놀이터 I feel good that the team is doing so well,” he smiled.

Her injury is now fully recovered. He will be able to pitch in the Cheongnyonggi on July 8. “The injury happened because I was throwing a fastball that was too fast for my body type, and I was greedy,” Won said. First-round picks can throw fastballs that reach more than 150 kilometers. I think I was conscious,” he said, “but now my arm is much better. I think Busan Go will be stronger because I can go out in the Blue Dragon period,” he said, expressing confidence.

Having risen to the top of the Golden Lion, BusanGo is determined to win the Blue Dragon Trophy. Won Sang-hyun is vowing to give back the Blue Dragon medal just as his teammates gave him the Golden Lion medal. “This time, the first-year players, including Sung Young-tak, were so good to me. I think I should be the one to give them a gift this time,” he said.

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