‘Swearing behind → click like’ Kim Seo-hyun, public opinion skyrocketed… Should I pull out the ‘early return’ card?

The aftermath is strong. Was the disappointment as great as the expectations were high?

Public opinion criticizing and disappointing Hanwha Express rookie Kim Seo-hyun is growing. She was suspended from training and fined for a social media (SNS) post controversy, but since her first day of self-isolation, she has been criticized again for looking on social media.

Kim Seo-hyun was nominated by Hanwha as the first overall pick in the 2023 rookie draft. He participated in the World Youth Championship last year and was in the spotlight with 101 miles on the relay screen, and he threw a fastball of 157 km at the maximum. He also pitches irregularly with two pitching forms, sidearm and three quarters.

Together with Moon Dong-ju, a senior on the team for one year, he participated in the first professional spring camp, attracting great attention as the future of Hanwha. In her first bullpen pitching of spring camp, she threw a ball with a velocity of 151 km and became a hot topic. However, he became the protagonist of ‘controversy’ as he did not even train for several days.

On the 6th (hereafter Korean time), a post posted by Kim Seo-hyun on her sub-account on social media, which was private in January, was leaked, and it contained abusive language and complaints towards the team coach and fans.

On the 8th, coach Subero said, “I asked the player himself if it was true regarding Kim Seo-hyun’s SNS activity, which has recently been controversial, and the player admitted that it was written by himself. He wants to tell you that there is no player greater than the team. In the hope that young Kim Seo-hyun would learn and realize something through this mistake, he decided to punish by communicating with the front desk.”

The Hanwha club issued a disposition to exclude Kim Seo-hyun from training from the 7th to the 10th, and also imposed a fine according to the club’s rules.

However, with the meaning of self-restraint, a discipline was imposed, except for training, but Kim Seo-hyun was alone in the dorm and clicked ‘Like’ on the post on Hanwha’s official SNS. She was reprimanded because her social media posts were problematic, but she revealed that she doesn’t distance herself from social media.

In response, fans continued to criticize him, such as “Are you a player who is reflecting?” “The discipline is weak” and “The mentality is great.” 토토사이트 As time goes by, public opinion criticizing Kim Seo-hyun is getting bigger rather than quieting down a bit.

There were also some views that the punishment was light over the exclusion of the three-day training of the Hanwha club, but Kim Seo-hyun’s one ‘Like’ click lit the fire again. There are also voices that additional discipline is needed for players to reflect properly.

Seohyun Kim will take a break until the 10th and return to team training on the 11th. The public opinion that it was not a time for self-reflection and self-reflection, and the atmosphere of the Hanwha camp is adversely affected by one Kim Seo-hyun. Kim Seo-hyun, who is labeled as a ‘problem child’, will also be burdened. It is possible that he is not properly trained.

Kim Seo-hyun is expected to make a public apology after returning to training on the 11th, but it remains to be seen whether she will be able to dispel criticism from fans. If the criticism continues, he may have to consider ‘early return’ to protect the squad and players.

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