‘Surprise leader’ Gyeongnam, ‘no goal’ better than 6 goals

It is a ‘surprising leader’. Gyeongnam FC is shining in the early stages.

Gyeongnam won 5-0 in an away game against Jeonnam Dragons on the 5th. It is the second consecutive win following the 1-0 win against Bucheon FC on the 1st. The ranking also went up to the top, beating Kim Cheon, the ‘absolute best’. This is the best start since the appointment of manager Seol Ki-hyun, who has been in his fourth year.

What draws attention is the content. While he scored 6 goals, he did not concede a single goal. The most points and the fewest goals are all up to Gyeongnam. The attack was also reckless. After taking over as manager Seol, the attack has been powerful all the time. Last season, he also ranked third in the most goals (60 goals). Of course, he scored five goals in the aftermath of the departure of opposing defender Asnawi in the Jeonnam game, but the attacking team, which made a new round by leaving for Citizen, is still strong, even though Thiago plays. Castro was also selected as the MVP of the second round with 1 goal and 1 assist against Jeonnam, and the new face Glayson also scored a goal in the K-League in just two games. Won Ki-jong, who scored two goals in a row, established himself as the team’s ace.

The focus is on defense. Defense was Gyeongnam’s weak point. Even though he scored 60 goals last season, he had to be content with conceding 61 and barely making it to the playoffs. The lowest score was 9th. It was a number that did not suit a strong team. 스포츠토토 Thinking that the defense must find a sense of stability in order to be promoted, a lot of effort was put into the organization of the defense throughout the winter. I’m seeing the initial effect. He managed to score two consecutive games without a loss. It is the first time that Gyeongnam has scored two consecutive matches since August 2021 against Gimcheon Sangmu (0-0) and Busan I-Park (1-0 Gyeongnam win).

Lee Min-ki – Park Jae-hwan – Lee Gwang-seon – Cosmic Star fabrics showed a sense of stability. Woo Joo-sung, who was separated due to a cruciate ligament rupture, has returned to a healthy appearance, and ‘veteran’ Lee Gwang-sun, who was shunned by coach Seol, is showing good chemistry with Park Jae-hwan by putting his name on the starting lineup again. Immigrants born in 2001 are also doing their part. Coach Seol also said, “I’m more satisfied with a clean run than an unexpected run.”

Of course, it is too early to evaluate as we have only played two matches. However, it is certainly encouraging that the areas he has intensively honed over the winter are quickly paying off. As the defense gains a sense of stability, it holds the result. Whether ‘Sul Soccer’, which has not lived up to expectations for the past three seasons, can gain strength, the early grades are impressive.

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