‘Success in the third line’ Japan’s grand dream… 2050 World Cup ‘single hosting’ Jeong Joon

Japan is laying the stepping stone for the grand goal of hosting the 2050 World Cup alone. 

The head of the Japan Football Association succeeded in winning a third term and became the only East Asian country to speak out in FIFA (International Football Federation).

At the 33rd Asian Football Confederation (AFC) General Assembly held in Manama, Bahrain on the 1st (Korean time), the FIFA Council member election was held. 

For a total of five spots, Chairman Chung and Du Zhaokai (China), Kelp Gozo (Japan), Mariano Araneta (Philippines), Sheikh Ahmad Khalifa Al Thani (Qatar), Yasser Al Michelle (Saudi Arabia), Datuk Haji Hamiddin Among seven candidates, including (Malaysia), ran, two East Asian figures, including Chairman Chung and Du Zhaokai, failed.

Al Thani received the most votes with 40 votes, followed by Kelp with 39 votes, Al Misial with 35 votes, Araneta with 34 votes, and Hamiddin with 30 votes to become the winner.

The only elected head of the Japan Football Association in East Asia, Kombu succeeded in a third term with this election. 슬롯사이트 Moreover, while the Middle East is showing strength, the fact that it received the second most votes after Al Thani shows Japan’s status in the current football administration. 

The Japanese media also paid attention to Keshima’s third term as a member of the FIFA Council. Japan’s Nikkan Sports delivered news of the president of Kombu and predicted, “If the president of Kombu, who is widely known as a third-term president, puts forth a strong friendship with the members of the FIFA Council, it will be easier to persuade them to host international tournaments.” 

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