‘Shock’…’Problem child’ to return to the club→EPL comeback is easy after pushing for broadcast interviews before the opening game→Company ignores ‘female fans’ protests strategy

Mason Greenwood, the troublemaker for Manchester United in the English Premier League, is considering a television interview. However, female fans and organizations are protesting his appearance on the show. Fans are even more upset when it turns out that the interview is being organized by the club, not Greenwood himself.

The Sun published an article titled “Man Utd considering Mason Greenwood’s TV interview despite protest plans” on December 12.

Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood could go in front of TV cameras for an interview. A group of Manchester United fans are reportedly pushing the club to give an interview despite plans to protest at the Premier League opener.

Manchester United play their Premier League opener against Wolverhampton at 4 a.m. on Sept. 15.

Fans are strongly opposed to Greenwood being interviewed and are protesting to prevent it because of his history. Although he was acquitted, he was a “criminal” for sexually assaulting women just two years ago. He went to trial for assaulting his girlfriend, but the charges were dropped in early February after the women refused to testify. He is now a free man.

Now legally exonerated, Greenwood was eager to return to the club, but the club, which had suspended him since January 2022 when he was arrested, let him go, citing its own investigation.

It’s unclear why, as the club’s female players strongly opposed Greenwood’s return, some of the male players didn’t want him back either, nor did the club’s corporate sponsors.

At the same time, coach Eric ten Hagh wanted him back. The club was persuaded and prevented his transfer. Although he was left out of the squad for the preseason trip to the United States, Ten Haag was determined to keep him. Moreover, his biggest sponsor, Adidas, had recently come out in favor of his return.

So United are keen to get Greenwood’s affairs in order as soon as possible, especially before the players return from the Women’s World Cup, which England are currently competing in.

According to current media reports, the club would rather reinstate him to the first team and let him play in the Premier League this season than transfer him.

Of course, Greenwood is planning to seek professional counseling for his assault and is willing to give interviews in front of television cameras in order to make a comeback. 먹튀검증

However, a group called Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Reinstatement (FFAGR) plans to protest his return. They said: “Man United tells us that the men who make the club’s money are important. The opinions of women – our fellow fans, mothers, sisters, daughters – are ignored.”

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