Road construction with a ‘36%’ probability, the best scenario is Kim Se-bin, the ‘high school’s biggest word’

Park Jeong-ah (30, Pepper Savings Bank) left, but the opportunity to turn around was prepared through a trade using the compensation player and it.

Korea Expressway Corporation, which won the women’s division with a miraculous sweep victory in the 2022-23 season, raised expectations that it could embrace Kim Se-bin (18, Hanbomgo), who is considered the ‘biggest fish’ ahead of the upcoming rookie draft.

On the 2nd, Pepper Savings Bank said, “We made a trade with Korea Expressway Corporation. Middle blocker Choi Ga-eun (22) and 2023-24 season rookie draft 1st round selection rights were given, setter Lee Go-eun (28) and 2023-24 rookie draft 2nd round nomination rights were received. “, he announced.

Lee Go-eun, who earned FA qualification in March of last year and wore the Pepper uniform, recently transferred to the Korea Expressway Corporation again after a year. After Pepper Savings Bank recruited Park Jung-ah as a free agent, they removed Lee Go-eun from the list of protected players, but the Korea Expressway Corporation unexpectedly nominated Lee Go-eun.

In the end, Pepper staged a skit in less than a week to bring Lee Go-eun back to the trade. On top of that, he handed over the first round nomination right (35% probability) to the road construction.

After Park Jung-ah, who was the ace, left, the road construction, which was in a bad mood even after winning the championship, brought in Lee Go-eun, a protection player, and even traded with that card, and finally was able to laugh.

With the departure of Jung Dae-young (GS Caltex), Choi Ga-eun filled a spot as a middle blocker, which was considered a weakness, and got the highest probability of 36% in this year’s rookie draft.

Originally, only one marble out of 100 marbles should have entered in the reverse order of the previous season, but with Pepper (35) added, it obtained the highest probability among all clubs. So far, there are 36 road constructions, 30 IBK Industrial Bank in 6th place, and 20 GS Caltex in 5th place. 4th place KGC Ginseng Corporation 8 Probability of marbles in order.

The best scenario for Korea Expressway Corporation, which has an advantage in rookie picks, is to pick middle blocker Kim Se-bin, who is probably considered the best player on the stage, in the rookie draft scheduled for September. 크크크벳

Kim Se-bin is the daughter of Kim Cheol-soo, a former volleyball player, and Kim Nam-soon, a former national striker, and is evaluated as one of the best in the military world at the high school level. She is coveted by all professional clubs, and she is the only high school player to be selected in the women’s volleyball team’s preliminary 50-man roster announced last month.

Director Kim Jong-min, who minimized the power outflow through trade, said, “I have to see the marbles come out” as sparingly as possible, but also expressed his expectation for a high probability in his heart.

Director Kim said, “It will be the same for me as well as other clubs. The first pick in the rookie draft will be Kim Se-bin.”

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