Real Madrid outright transfer vs Liverpool loan. Kylian Mbappe’s next destination. Two options left

Liverpool loan vs Real Madrid outright transfer

Kylian Mbappe is on the move.

Real Madrid is looking to finalize the signing of Kylian Mbappe in this summer’s transfer window, according to ESPN, citing La Liga sources.

“Real Madrid originally wanted to sign Mbappe for no fee when he becomes a free agent next summer, but the risk of Premier League clubs entering the race and driving up his salary is a concern, so they want to finalize a deal now,” ESPN added.

In England, however, the reaction is different. “Real Madrid boss Ancelotti has no plans to sign Mbappe this summer and insists the transfer market is closed,” reported.

Furthermore, Liverpool have been approached with a one-year loan offer.

‘Liverpool have offered PSG a one-year loan for Kylian Mbappe,’ reports, adding that ‘PSG must sell Mbappe this summer. At this point, a loan deal with Liverpool could be the only solution to recoup their investment while letting Mbappe go.

Mbappe’s next destination is complicated. The deteriorating relationship between PSG and Mbappe is a key factor.

Mbappe has made two things clear. First, Mbappe is unimpressed with Al Hilal’s offer of a one-year contract and nearly $100 million. “I don’t even need to meet with Al Hilal officials,” he said. Second, Mbappe made it clear that he will not re-sign with PSG.

PSG and Mbappe signed a three-year deal last year. It was actually a 2+1 deal. After playing two years, the final year is a player option, meaning Mbappe can either stay or leave as a free agent.

If Mbappe does not re-sign this summer, he will become a free agent next summer. He will be free to change teams without paying PSG a penny in transfer fees. 토토사이트 This is the scenario Mbappe wants.

On the other hand, PSG president El Khelaifi has said on numerous occasions that he “cannot let the best player in the world go without a transfer fee”. With Mbappe’s refusal to sign a new contract now a certainty, PSG must sell him this summer. PSG are internally convinced that ‘Real Madrid have agreed a transfer deal with Mbappe for next year’, which means that PSG have two options. They can either sell Mbappe outright to Real Madrid this summer or agree a one-year loan deal with Liverpool.

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