“Poor Manchester United will be eliminated in the FA Cup semi-finals”… Man United Legend’s ‘One Hand’

English Premier League (EPL) Manchester United ‘Legend’ Roy Keane gave a ‘one shot’ to Manchester United.

Manchester United succeeded in advancing to the semifinals with a 3-1 come-from-behind victory against Fulham in the 2022-23 season England FA Cup quarterfinal held at Old Trafford on the 20th. Manchester United conceded the first goal to Fulham Alexandr Mitrović, but Bruno Fernandes scored twice and Marcel Zivitzer scored to finish the match 3-1.

Manchester United, who have reached the semifinals, will play Brighton on the 22nd of next month. After winning the Carabao Cup, United are moving closer to winning the double this season.

I won and advanced to the semifinals, but I didn’t like it very much in Keane’s eyes. After the match, Keane told Britain’s ITV, “I’m so disappointed in this game. Fulham destroyed themselves. But I was surprised by Man United’s poor performance. It’s unbelievable.” 카지노사이트

He added, “Man United were lucky. Fulham’s self-destruction was a big deal.” Fulham could not play normally with two players sent off.

Keane emphasized that he doesn’t like United’s recent game, not just this game. They lost 7-0 to Liverpool and drew 0-0 with Southampton, who finished last.

In response, Keane said, “Eric Ten Hag has built a good team and despite having a good season, I see a bad habit that has infiltrated Manchester United recently. seen,” he explained.

A reversal is needed. If not, the double win could be a waste. “If the FA Cup semi-finals look the same as this game, if you see this bad habit, Brighton will beat Manchester United. The free agency will be over,” Keane emphasized.

At the same time, Keane expressed his affection for Manchester United, saying, “I expect Manchester United to overturn my expectations.”

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