Over-the-counter Korea-Japan match at Jupiter… Edmon-Nutba, “We will definitely win the match against Korea and Japan”

An off-field Korea-Japan match was held at the St. Louis Spring Training Center.

The St. Louis Cardinals have players who represent Korea and Japan in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). Tommy Edman and Lars Nuthbada. Edmund’s mother is Korean and Nutba’s mother is Japanese. The WBC may also run in the parent’s nationality.

On the 14th (Korean time), St. Louis’ spring training started at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida, USA. St. Louis franchise star Adam Wainwright spoke to reporters about Edmund and Nutba.

“It’s a good thing” Wainwright said of the two players being selected for the Korean and Japanese national teams. “It would be very proud. It would represent the country of the family, wouldn’t it?”

“Both players will have fun. It will also be a great experience. Just participating in such a big competition is enough to motivate them. It will help their careers a lot,” he said. Both Korea and Japan are great teams. Edmon and Nutba are also good players. They will show good play and will help the team.”

Nutba also expressed his anticipation for the face-to-face confrontation with Edmund and the Korea-Japan match. He said, “I have talked with Edman. We are trash-talking each other in the locker room. Japan is a player to be careful of. But there are many good players in Japan as well.”

“(Korea and Japan) have a great rivalry. We will beat Korea. The Korea-Japan match is always a good game. We will be able to enjoy it,” he said. “St. Louis and Chicago Cubs are strong rivals. This time, I became a teammate. On the other hand, Edmund became an enemy. I think it will be fun to play. I will do my best to win.” 스포츠토토

Edmund also opened up about the Korea-Japan War. “Nutba and I shared trash talk. I’m excited to have a chance to brag all year no matter who wins the match,” he said. I hope there will be,” he showed his determination to win.

On the other hand, SSG Landers’ Kim Gwang-hyun also expressed his anticipation of meeting his colleagues from St. Louis. On the 12th, Kwang-Hyun Kim said, “I will go to the national team with Edmon and meet him. I have a lot of expectations. I think I can say hello to my colleagues. There is Nutba in Japan too. I would like to say hello.”

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