Only Klins pays attention, Na Sang-ho vs Um Won-sang side confrontation

On the 12th at 2:00 pm at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, the 3rd round of the 2023 season K League 1 between FC Seoul and Ulsan Hyundai will be held. 

It is a confrontation between two teams lined with former and current national players. Jurgen Klinsmann, the new coach of the national soccer team, will also watch the game. Head coach Klinsman, who set foot on Korean soil on the 8th, begins with a confrontation between the two teams to learn about the atmosphere of the K-League and the players.

Both teams boast the most fierce momentum in the K-League 1 this season. Seoul defeated Incheon United and Gwangju FC, while Ulsan Hyundai won two consecutive victories by beating Jeonbuk Hyundai and Gangwon FC. The two teams are competing for the lead with Pohang Steelers, who won two games.

Seoul, led by head coach Ahn Ik-soo, seems to be taking advantage of the stance of maximizing market share last year. Seoul, which had the highest share last season (61.9%), is 10th out of 12 K-League 1 teams with an average share of 44.9% in the two games played this season. 

Having let go of their greed for possession, Seoul definitely crouches down when they come down, and when they are aiming for a quick counterattack and pressuring them, they seize the opportunity by strangling their opponent. His scoring ability has improved markedly. Seoul, which recorded 0.88 goals per game last year and suffered from an empty space, scored 4 goals in 2 games. The scoring pattern is also diverse. He snatched 2 goals from a corner kick, 1 goal from a counterattack, and 1 goal from an opponent’s mistake through pressure. 토토사이트

Ulsan, the defending champion, is fully demonstrating the aspect of a strong team. The team is not in 100% condition yet, but they are taking care of ‘victory’. Ulsan, which overwhelms opponents by holding the ball for a long time, is also raising the atmosphere by catching results rather than contents. 

The Gangwon match on the 5th was like that. Ulsan, who was unable to open the goal even after leading the game, struggled against Gangwon’s sharp counterattack. However, at the beginning of the second half, Um Won-sang scored, and Gangwon’s wave of offensive attacks was blocked until the end to get 3 points. Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo expressed satisfaction with the ‘winning mentality’ installed in the team. 

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