‘NBA Scorer’ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, more than a basketball player

The legend recalled to count down LeBron James’ NBA record for most points is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (75). He is one of the ‘GOATs’ of the NBA.
In Korea, it is famous for ‘Goggles’ and ‘Sky Hook Shot’. The 218cm tall skyhook shot, along with Michael Jordan’s fade away shot and Hakeem Olajuwon’s turnaround shot, led to an unstoppable shot in the NBA in the 1980s. Goggles were used even when he entered the NBA after injuring his cornea during a game in college. The skyhook shot became a monopoly because of NCAA rules that prohibited dunking. The NCAA revived the dunk rule from the 1976-1977 season.

Karim was born in 1947 in Harlem, New York City. He was Lew Al Cinder until 1971 when he converted to Islam and took his current name. His father was a traffic police officer and a jazz musician. His background in jazz music is also due to his father’s influence. While playing against the Boston Celtics in January 1983, he destroyed all of his rare jazz records in a Bel-Air mansion fire near Los Angeles. It was a valuable collection that was difficult to exchange for money.

Since high school, he has stood out as a tall man. At the time, he was not allowed to join the NBA unless he completed four years of college. Either he went to college or he had to choose between the pros Harlem Globe Lotus, which showcased both basketball stunts and comedy. In 1965, he unexpectedly went to UCLA on the other side of New York. He was 216 cm tall at the time.

In college basketball in the 1960s, freshmen couldn’t play in the Varsity representing the team. Beginning in 1972, Freshman could also compete as a member of the Varsity. UCLA, led by coach John Wooden, was the strongest. This is the power of winning the NCAA Tournament two years in a row. On November 27, 1965, Karim took part in his first official match covered by the media. It was a practice match for UCLA Freshman vs Varsity. 12,051 people gathered for the opening game of the current UCLA home Foley Pavilion. The freshman team created a stir by winning 75-60. Karim recorded 31 points and 21 rebounds.

At the time, UPI said, “The UCLA Bruins started their title defense this week. But the Bruins are only the second best team on Campus,” he reported on the news that the Freshman team led by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was stronger. As a sophomore, upon completing Varsity with a score of 56 in his debut, Sports Illustrated put him on the cover as a ‘new superstar’.

Karim went 88-2 during his three years at UCLA. He won three NCAA Tournaments and was named the Most Valuable Player three consecutive years (1967–1969). After a brilliant college career, he was selected 1st overall in the 1969 NBA Draft and wore the uniform of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Phoenix Suns lost in the No. 1 coin toss. Even when he graduated from college, the Harlem Globe Lotus of Stunt Basketball offered an annual salary of $ 1 million. The ABA New York Nets (the predecessor of the Brooklyn Nets) also offered a huge amount of $3.25 million, but chose the Bucks, who guaranteed $1.4 million. “A bidding war lowers the dignity of the people involved,” he said, and went to Bucks two years after its founding.

After two years of joining, he won the championship with the new team Bucks. In 6 years at Milwaukee, he won 3 MVPs by advancing to and winning the finals 2 times. 바카라 The Bucks won the top in 2021, 50 years after winning in 1971, by Giannis Atetokenbo. Karim won six regular season MVPs, the most in NBA history.

After the 1974-1975 season, he asked for a trade from the club. He personally wanted to move to the New York Knicks, the Washington Blitz (now the Wizards), and the Los Angeles Lakers, saying that he did not fit in culturally. Ahead of the 1975 season, the Lakers received Karim. After the transfer, he won the MVP award and showed off his prime skills, but was sluggish in the playoffs. The second heyday came in 1979 when tall point guard Magic Johnson joined the team and won five NBA championships. It is the ‘Showtime’ period that decorated a page in NBA history in 1908. In 1989, he wrote a total of 38,387 points and finished his 20-year active duty.

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