MLB’s weak Baltimore declares its first fall baseball since ‘Kim Hyun-soo days’

The Baltimore Orioles, who have been in charge of the ‘weak team’ for a while in the East Division of the American League of the Major League (MLB) teeming with strong teams, have declared a leap forward.

Baltimore general manager Mike Elias declared at a club event with fans on the 4th (Korean time), “The rebuilding is over. And we have a chance to be a very competitive team for the next few years.”

After these words, the Baltimore fans at the scene reportedly cheered and applauded.

Baltimore failed to advance to the postseason (PS) for six consecutive years from 2017 to last year.

During this period, it placed at the bottom of the globe (5th place) four times and placed fourth twice.

In the major leagues, he had 100 losses in the regular season, which is considered a symbol of a weak team, three times, and in 2018, he recorded the most losses in club history with 115 losses (47 wins).

The last time Baltimore advanced to the postseason was in 2016 when Kim Hyun-soo (35, LG Twins) played, and the last World Series championship was in 1983, 40 years ago.

Baltimore, which secured a number of excellent players in the rookie draft thanks to its ranking at the bottom, flapped its wings of revival from last season.

Catcher Adley Luchman (25), who was nominated as the first overall pick in the 2019 draft, took first place in the team with a win contribution (WAR) of 5.2 compared to substitutes after playing only 113 games in his debut season last year.

Lutchman, who is praised as ‘the second Buster Forge’, quickly became a key player in the team with his outstanding skills, humble attitude, and leadership.

Baltimore, with Ritchman’s performance at the forefront, won 10 consecutive wins last season and climbed to third place in the district, and the final record was 83-79, successfully surpassing the 50% win rate in 6 years. 슬롯사이트

Baltimore, which has a large number of promising players, reinforced its starting lineup by recruiting Cole Irvin (29) and Kyle Gibson (36) ahead of this season.

In 2016, Baltimore, who signed a contract with long hitter Chris Davis (38) for a total of 161 million dollars (about 21.4 billion won) for 7 years and lost money due to extreme sluggishness, chose a way to build substantiality instead of recruiting large free agents. did.

General Manager Elias said, “I will approach recruiting free agents very carefully. I will try to grow the team over the next few years and sign a contract at an appropriate amount.”

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