Legendary Kim Byung-cheol and Kim Seung-hyun participated in the successful completion of ‘Beat the National Team’

The ‘Beat the National Team’ event with men’s basketball legends Kim Byung-cheol and Kim Seung-hyun was successfully completed.

The ‘Beat the National Team’ event was held at the Sejong Government Complex Gymnasium on the 22nd. National team legend Kim Byung-cheol and Kim Seung-hyun attended the event and directly instructed the youth. Kim Seung-hyun passed on dribbling know-how to young players. He also helped former shooter Kim Byeong-cheol catch the shooting form. Since they were young people, I was busy teaching them the basics, so that even the smallest things would not be missed. The youngsters also focused their lessons as much as they were with the legends who could be called role models.Following the youth lesson, a shooting competition with the participants followed. 토토사이트 In the afternoon, a 3-on-3 game was held between the middle and high school divisions, and Kim Seung-hyun and Kim Byeong-cheol also teamed up with a youth and played a real match. After the game, Kim Byung-cheol and Kim Seung-hyun had an autograph session. Kim Byeong-cheol personally signed autographs and gave customized advice to young people. Kim Seung-hyun also shared memories by taking pictures with young players, and gave one-point lessons to some youths even after the event was over.Happiness Agency Chairman Cho Yong-gu, who attended the event, said, “When I watched the ‘Beat the National Team’ event, the children really liked it. Since it was the first event, the number of people was limited, but we will provide opportunities for more youth to participate in the future. We expect that Sejong City will serve as a priming water to secure excellent sports manpower in the future.”

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