Lee Kang-in’s breakup with Mallorca is final…’only 26 billion won + infinite potential for development’ → the reason why the EPL wants it

Lee Kang-in seems to leave Real Mallorca unconditionally in the summer.

Lee Kang-in grew up through the Valencia youth system. He received affectionate attention from Valencia, made a successful debut in his first team and made a name for himself, gaining playing time. He has good ball handling skills, creative passing and quick release pressure that impresses. He received good evaluations, but as time passed, he did not get as many opportunities as expected. Compared to players his age, his position was poor.

Eventually, Lee Kang-in left his beloved Valencia and entered Mallorca. Mallorca consistently gave Lee Kang-in a chance. Even when Lee Kang-in showed performance below his expectations, he continued to use it. Lee Kang-in, who has definitely gained experience, has become a complete team this season. His strength, kicking power, has improved, the number of key passes has increased, and the attack point has also reached a career high.

Disadvantages have also been addressed. Lee Kang-in was evaluated as lacking in defense and was pointed out as lacking in usability. Involvement in defense this season has also increased, and it is not easily pushed into physical competition fights. His stamina and activity level improved, and his influence increased. It has become an irreplaceable resource for Mallorca and has begun to be called one of the best midfielders in Spanish La Liga.

From Lee Kang-in’s point of view, Mallorca is as grateful as Valencia. Thanks to giving opportunities with faith, Lee Kang-in developed further, gained league experience, and was able to go to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Lee Kang-in, who is as attached to Mallorca as he is to Valencia, dreams of a bigger stage. Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan are watching the English Premier League (EPL).

Lee Kang-in, who is still young but has a lot of experience and good skills, is attractive. The potential for future development is endless. He also possesses star qualities that will open up Asian marketing. The transfer fee is also not high. Juan Carlos Taura of Spain’s ‘Cope Mallorca’ said Kang-in Lee’s buyout was 18 million euros (approximately 26 billion won). Considering Lee Kang-in’s ability and the financial power of EPL clubs, it is a cheap amount. 스포츠토토

The offer continues. On the 23rd (Korean time), reporter Matteo Moreto of Spain’s ‘RELEVO’ said, “Lee Kang-in’s most likely destination is the EPL. The teams that are interested in Lee Kang-in are Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Wolverhampton, and Burnley. Which team will Lee Kang-in play for? I can’t say for sure. Considering that Lee Kang-in’s agent, Javier Garrido, went on a business trip to England, it seems that his client will not stay in Spain.”

The breakup with Mallorca this summer seems to be a reality. Expectations are already pouring down on Lee Kang-in, who will leave Mallorca and play an active role on a bigger stage.

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