Klinsman emphasized ‘communication’… “Mental strength influences World Cup results”

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s (59) keywords for running the national team are communication and collaboration. It is expected that he will focus on bringing the team together with constant motivation.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) held the 2023 KFA Leaders Conference at the Goyang International Youth Culture Center on the 15th. With about 200 domestic leaders participating, I looked back at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. About 1,000 online leaders and P-level class students were also present.

Coach Klinsman, who attended the conference, presented his national team management philosophy. He again emphasized mental strength and motivation rather than tactics or team strength. He, who served as a member of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Technology Analysis Research Group (TSG), claimed that “teams lacking mental strength were quickly eliminated from the Qatar World Cup.” 토토사이트

He even directly mentioned the early elimination of his own German national team. At the World Cup in Qatar, Germany packed its bags in the group stage after being pushed by Japan and Spain. Coach Klinsman, who analyzed 33 games on the field with Cha Doo-ri, FC Seoul Youth Enhancement Committee, said, “Teams like Germany, Denmark, and Spain, which need to produce good results, were not psychologically prepared. The psychological part was the most important in the World Cup.”

Michael Müller, who served as a member of the TSG, is also of the same resolution. He said, “I felt that a set piece specialist was important. Central striker education and training are also needed a lot,” he said. “The defense must be enthusiastic. If you have mental strength like Croatia and Morocco, you can achieve good results.” Mental strength and teamwork were emphasized in the leadership training prior to the discussion.

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