Jeonbuk-Suwon’s fall, in order to maintain a strong team

In soccer, there are no permanent strong teams or permanent weak teams .

Looking at the 2023 season K -League, defending champion Ulsan Hyundai is running in an unrivaled first place, but Jeonbuk Hyundai, who competed for the championship last season and ended the season in second place, is playing a difficult game this season without staying at the top . In addition , Suwon Samsung, which had a history of winning the K- League 1 and was always active in the top ranks, is staying at the bottom and facing the worst situation since its foundation .

In order to produce good results in soccer, the leader , club , and player must be operated as a trinity . The club must invest to some extent, the coach must play the game with tactics and strategies that are perfect for the players, and the players must follow the leader’s instructions in an orderly manner and always be mentally stable .

Even a strong team can fall into the abyss in an instant if they are not careful . It takes years or a lot of time to build a strong team , but it takes a few months for a team to collapse completely .

If you think it’s a strong team, you don’t become a strong team by doing moderately. The first thing is that you have to run more than the opposing team . Because , in order to face a strong team, the opposing team prepares a lot and prepares for the game . This is because they play the game as if it were the last game of the season based on strong physical strength and mental strength .

The second is that the opponent team tries to distract our players with strong physical fights and rough play, so we never fall into the opponent team’s strategy .

Third, beware of warnings or ejections . During the game, the players are composed of the best eleven as much as possible to play in the game, but if a player is missing due to useless dismissal or accumulation of warnings, it will greatly hinder the team’s tactical operation . 토토사이트

Lastly, you should always go into the game with the thought that it is the final match . Professional soccer cannot play more than two games a week, so even if you consume a lot of stamina, you are given enough time to recover . To keep a strong team, you always have to make a mental commitment like a final before going into a game .

In a professional football team, no matter which country you look at, if the team or fans do not achieve the desired results, the first thing to do is replace the manager .

Because , the only way the club can do it is to replace the manager . This is because it is not easy to reinforce players during the season . Managers and players should always have tension in consideration of this point .

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