Jeonbuk Cho Kyu-seong received a love call from Mainz… Possibility of going directly to the big leagues in Europe

National soccer team striker Cho Kyu-seong (24, Jeonbuk Hyundai) is highly likely to enter the big leagues in Europe. It has been confirmed that the German Bundesliga FSV Mainz 05 sent a strong love call.
Multiple football sources said on the 7th, “Mainz is deeply interested in signing Cho Kyu-sung. He recently delivered an official offer to Jeonbuk, which owns the player, 토토 with an intention to recruit him.”

Mainz, which is based in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, is a club widely known to domestic fans because Lee Jae-seong (30), a ‘multipurpose attacking resource’ of the national team, is active. Although the exact ransom offered by Mainz to Jeonbuk has not been confirmed, it has been found to exceed the 2.2 million pounds (approximately 3.3 billion won) set by Celtic FC (Scotland).

Cho Kyu-sung, who desperately wants to advance into Europe, is also leaning toward Mainz. Due to Mainz’s not-so-thick squad structure, it is worthwhile to compete for the starting position, and it is a great advantage in that it is easy to adapt if you work together with a senior national team member with whom you are close. In addition, it is true that the Bundesliga is much more competitive than the Scottish Premier League.

Cho Kyu-sung is a ‘Cinderella’ born at the 2022 Qatar World Cup. He increased his value by playing all four matches from the group stage of the tournament (Uruguay-Ghana-Portugal) to the round of 16 (Brazil). The second match in Group H against Ghana (2-3 loss to Korea) was especially dazzling.
‘In the 13th minute of the second half when the score was 0-2, Lee Kang-in (21, Mallorca)’s cross was connected to a header goal. Three minutes later, Kim Jin-soo (30, Jeonbuk) soared like a dolphin toward the ball, and once again scored a header goal in the opponent’s goal. plugged in He is the first player to score multiple goals in a single match at the World Cup in Korean soccer history.
His performance in Qatar changed his life. He caught the attention of the handsome, obscure Korean striker with numerous European scouts and agents who traveled to Qatar in search of hidden gems. Starting with the match against Ghana, Anderlecht (Belgium), Celtic (Scotland), Stade Rennes (France), and Fenerbahce (Turkiye) showed direct and indirect interest, and it was Mainz that captured the player’s heart.

Jeonbuk’s internal policy is clear. If there is reasonable compensation and the player’s will, there has never been a barrier to overseas expansion. Moreover, there was no case in which a player went directly to the top 5 European leagues. Unfortunately, this is the background that does not break Cho Kyu-sung’s dream to show off his skills confirmed at the World Cup in Europe. However, Jeonbuk is in a position that it cannot send the goalkeeper, the core of the new season’s power, for just cause, and hopes to leave after digesting the first half of the 2023 season K League 1 (Part 1). Not a little.

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