Jaeil Oh insists on “actions speak louder than words”, leading by example

Oh Jae-il (37, Samsung), who took over the captaincy for two consecutive years, emphasized the importance of leading by example.

Director Park Jin-man, who took over the temporary baton following the resignation of coach Heo Sam-young in August of last year, gave the captaincy to Oh Jae-il instead of Kim Heon-gon. Oh Jae-il, who was highly trusted by his teammates, took care of the players and improved the team atmosphere.

Samsung elects a captain through a team vote after the camp starts, but Oh Jae-il became the team representative without voting. How did it happen?

Oh Jae-il appeared on the club’s official YouTube channel’Lions TV’ and said, 온라인바카라 “Originally, the captain is selected through the team vote, but since everyone’s story is that I can vote (don’t vote), I just told him to (claim), so I did it.”

Oh Jae-il also said, “I knew I was doing it. I don’t have any impressions. It’s just the same. When I suddenly took over in the middle of last year, I felt a lot of responsibility, but this year is the same. I intend to work hard,” he said.

Lead by example. This is Jaeil Oh’s keyword. He said, “Rather than talking a lot, shouldn’t I run, move, and lead by example? Especially since it is a team with many young players. I do,” he laughed.

Oh Jae-il continued, “I plan to make it more comfortable for you to come to me first. 온라인바카라 Won’t you come soon?

Oh Jae-il, who has been steadily building his body in line with the start of the camp, said, “I have been steadily building my body in time for February 1st, and my current physical condition is very good. I hope the season will start soon and meet the fans. I will train hard,” he said.

Samsung succeeded in advancing to the postseason for the first time after the opening of Daegu Samsung Lions Park in 2021, but finished 7th in the regular season last year. In response, Oh Jae-il said, “There are about two months left until the opening game, but I will do my best to repay you this season by preparing well so that I do not remember the regrettable part this season.”

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