Is Spring Coming to Jeju Soccer? I see 10,000 spectators against Jeonbuk… Recent 3 consecutive wins & the fruits of front efforts are in sight

Spring is coming to Jeju soccer. It is expected that 10,000 spectators will gather for the Jeonbuk Hyundai Match to be held on the weekend.

Professional soccer K League 1 Jeju United recorded an average of 7,527 spectators per game in three home matches this season. On February 26 (Sun), the home opening game against Suwon FC attracted 8,362 people, the largest number of spectators since the paid spectators counted in 2018, to Jeju World Cup Stadium. At the Ulsan game (7,140 people) on Sunday, more than 7,000 people showed an orange wave. Considering that there were no admissions for 10,000 spectators after the policy of abolishing free tickets in 2017, it is an amazing number to say it was a coincidence.

It is encouraging because it is an achievement made in Jeju Island, where sports boom is not easy due to regional, environmental, and economic characteristics. Jeju World Cup Stadium, the home stadium of Jeju, is far from the center of Jeju City (490,000 people), which accounts for most of the population of Jeju Island (680,000 people). It is not easy to enjoy the game on weekends, even considering the regional economy, which is dominated by tourism, service and agriculture. Accordingly, rather than waiting vaguely at the stadium, Jeju actively promoted the value of the club and made word of mouth through various efforts. 토토사이트

There is no law that ends with a simple prize draw or home game promotional banner fluttering in the street. Visiting fan signing event, Jeju 4.3 commemoration event, shuttle bus service to and from the stadium to improve accessibility to the stadium, partnership with youth clubs in Jeju Island and soccer tournament, dream tree official made with young Jeju soccer players, eco-friendly – community contribution – sustainable growth has been carrying out sports ESG campaigns for In addition, it provides joy to fans even in non-face-to-face situations, and through various methods and self-help efforts, such as video content that has earned the nickname ‘Trust and Watch Tangerine Tube’, active club appeal using celebrities and influencers, Jeju has become a club that simply plays soccer. recognized that it is not. Naturally, close contact with the local area and the creation of a soccer boom took place.

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