Grealish, “The fan service brought me to tears…I will continue”

Jack Grealish (27) talked about fan service.

Grealish is an English national attacking midfielder born in 1995. He went through a period of adaptation immediately after moving from 토스카지노 Aston Villa to Manchester City in 2021. However, he is leading the team’s treble challenge by exploding his performance this season.

Grealish enjoyed entertainment and got into gossip, but he never got into gossip for fan service such as signing autographs and taking pictures. Rather, Grealish is regarded as one of the best in the world when it comes to his fan service. Grealish said his sister Holly Grealish, who has cerebral palsy, was a big influence on him.

Grealish told the British media ‘Daily Mail’ on the 6th, “I know how it feels when Holly is really happy. I also know that fan service can affect children and fans like that. If you can help someone, , you will. A lot of footballers have done that and it brought me to tears.”

He added, “You can make someone’s day happy by doing the smallest things. We don’t do fan service to make an impact. We do it because we want to.”

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