From ‘The Strongest Baseball’ to Doosan… “When we meet, we strike out on three pitches” my best friend’s provocation “I’m confident too”

“You know each other so well.”

During high school, the ace and catcher went around and faced off on the pro stage again.

Seo Jun-won (23, Lotte Giants) and Yoon Jun-ho (23, Doosan Bears) formed a battery in Gyeongnam High School. Seo Jun-won wore a Lotte uniform as the first nomination for the 2019 rookie draft, but Yoon Jun-ho was not nominated that year.

Yun Jun-ho, who entered the university as agreed and took on another challenge, made his name known on a baseball entertainment program last year. And when he was called by Doosan in the 5th round of the 2023 rookie draft, he was able to start his professional career.

Seo Jun-won thought of Yoon Jun-ho as “a catcher who makes pitchers comfortable.” He praised his friend’s ability, saying, “He breaks the opponent’s flow well and blocks well.

As ‘best friends’, he did not forget about provocations. Seo Jun-won said, “We know each other well,” and laughed, “If you strike out, three balls. Or two balls, you can get out.” I’ll throw it.” He smiled.

Yoon Jun-ho, who is the only rookie in Sydney, Australia, joined the Doosan 1st team camp and is building his body. Yoon Jun-ho laughed, saying, “I can think of that. (Seo) Jun-won must be confident, but I am also confident.” 바카라

There was a fierce ‘nervous battle outside the market (?)’, but he also expressed extraordinary gratitude. When Yoon Jun-ho was not nominated, Seo Jun-won tried his best to find out about his joining as a reporter. The day before the nomination meeting, he said, “I will go anywhere, so don’t worry and stay at ease.

Yoon Jun-ho said, “It’s been a long time since we haven’t played baseball together. Still, we met a lot in private and cheered for each other. That’s why I think it would be fun to meet as a pitcher and hitter in a professional game.”

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