Former coach Lee Man-soo dispatches two Korean leaders to Laos “I will plant a spirit of not giving up”

Former SK coach Lee Man-soo, chairman of the Hulk Foundation, will send two Korean leaders to the Laos baseball team.

The Hulk Foundation announced on the 14th that it had appointed Kim Hyun-min, former head coach of Jin Young-go, to the Laos baseball team, and Lee Jun-young, former coach of Hongeun Middle School, to the women’s baseball team. 

New head coach Kim Hyun-min is a veteran who spent 17 years as an amateur elite leader at Gunsang High School and Jinyeong High School after playing professionally at Ssangbangwool, Lotte, and LG.

Manager Kim Hyun-min said, “There is a philosophy that I have had while living as a professional baseball player and an elite baseball leader. He said, “I will become a leader who instills the spirit of coach Lee Man-soo, who never gives up, to Laos players.”   

Coach Lee Joon-young, who will be appointed as the leader of the women’s baseball team, is a financial resource who majored in athlete training at the Graduate School of Sports Medicine after living as an elite player at Shinil High School and Hanyang University. Over the past decade, he has coached elite amateur athletes with his knowledge of injury, rehabilitation and conditioning.  

New coach Lee Jun-young said, “Laos has a worse baseball infrastructure than Korea. In particular, I plan to improve the skills of the players by making the most of my career, such as. 메이저놀이터 preventing and coping with injuries and managing the body and mind.” 

Former manager Lee Man-soo said, “I am both excited and worried about dispatching a leader ahead of the first international baseball tournament in Southeast Asia and the Hangzhou Asian Games approved by the WBSC.” I express my sincere gratitude.”  

Meanwhile, former coach Lee Man-soo is planning to leave for Laos from the 24th to attend the first international competition, the DGB Cup Indochina Dream League.

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