Expectations for Mercy’s loan signing ↑ “We will help during Eriksen’s injury”

Manchester United ace Bruno Fernandes has revealed his expectations for new freshman Marcel Sabitzer.

Xavicher is a firefighter brought in by Manchester United in a hurry. Manchester United officially announced the signing on the official website on the 1st (hereinafter Korean time), saying, “We are delighted that Xavicher has joined on loan from Bayern Munich until June 2023.” His official shirt number is 15.

Manchester United hastily signed Xavicher on transfer deadline day. There is a reason why Man Utd urgently brought Mercy. This is because the team’s key midfielder, Christian Eriksen, suffered a long-term injury and is on the verge of a season out.

Sabitzer is a special midfielder developed by Leipzig. He is a midfielder with an aggressive disposition, and is a player whose strength is active. He is also very good at kicking, so he is equipped with free kick skills that can be compared to David Beckham.

After growing up at Leipzig, Sabitzer joined Bayern Munich in the summer of 2021. However, in Munich, it was evaluated as a failed recruitment, leaving only regrets. His strengths gradually disappeared, and he suffered frequent injuries and was unable to properly display his skills. He has shown ups and downs this season as well, and is highly evaluated as being below expectations. Naturally, the playing time was reduced, and it is known that Xavier was also dissatisfied with this. 슬롯사이트

In the end, it was decided to go to Old Trafford in one day. Xabi Cher boarded a plane to Manchester just before the transfer window closed, and his transfer was completed in a flash. On the last two days, he even took his first breath by digesting his team training.

Bruno also expressed great anticipation for Sabitzer’s loan signing. Bruno already has experience dealing with Mercy. We met Leipzig in the 2020-21 season European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) group stage and won the first leg 5-0, but lost 2-3 in the second leg and advanced to the round of 16 was frustrated.

Bruno remembered this too. “My memory of that game is not good because I was eliminated from UCL,” he said in an interview with the Manchester Evening News on the 3rd. “Xavicher is a good midfielder. He can shoot from outside the box and score great goals. He gives us a lot of options in midfield while Eriksen is injured. I think he can help us.”

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