Despite the criticism of Hong Myung-bo, who even brought out his hometown… Amano, who showed ‘the dignity of counterattack’

“Still, I respect you.”

On the 11th, Ulsan Hyundai (hereinafter referred to as Ulsan) coach Hong Myung-bo shook the K-League by pouring out unconventional sniping remarks at an official event.

Coach Hong said to Amano Jun, a Japanese player who moved from Ulsan to Jeonbuk Hyundai (hereinafter referred to as Jeonbuk) ahead of the 2023 season, 바카라 “I lied and went to Jeonbuk. It was the worst of all,” he said.

Previously, on the 5th, Jeonbuk Hyundai announced through an official report, “We have hired Jun Amano from Yokohama F. Marinos on loan.” 

Amano joined Ulsan on loan for the 2022 season and played in 30 league games, leading the team to win the league with a record of 9 points and 1 assist. 

Later, when an offer came from Jeonbuk, he transferred with an additional 100,000 dollars (approximately 120 million won) on top of the salary he received in Ulsan. 

Regarding this, coach Hong said, “Originally, pros move with money, but Amano said, ‘Money doesn’t matter,’ and said he wanted to stay. That player left for Jeonbuk after only looking at money.” “He openly shot the late Amano and described him as a ‘liar’. 

Director Hong then strongly criticized, saying, “Don’t we hate lying, (Amano) helped me to do well, but as a result, I (Amano) lied and left.” 

K-League fans could not hide their embarrassment at the candid remarks that went beyond criticism and were close to primary criticism. 

The prevailing opinion was that even if Amano made a mistake, he just broke a moral promise based on mutual trust, and there was no reason for Amano to be subjected to strong criticism to the extent that even his birthplace was mentioned in public. 

In response, Amano also refuted Hong’s words by retracing the transfer process through public appearances on the 12th. 

Amano said, “There was a light level of talk about extending the contract from last summer, but the club’s offer came only in mid-November, more than two weeks after I returned to Japan.” At that time, Amano’s heart had already turned to Jeonbuk.

Amano continued, “It is true that I told Director Hong that I would stay in Ulsan, but even though I expressed my intention to stay in Ulsan, the temperature difference between Director Hong and the Ulsan front desk was too large. “he said.

In other words, director Hong firmly believed in the verbal contract with Amano, that is, his personal intention. If there is one side that coach Hong has to criticize, he is not the player who exercised the right to transfer, but the club’s offer process. 

If you look at director Hong’s criticism, the focus is on the emotional parts such as ‘lies’ and ‘why did you go when you helped me to do well’. Amano did not forcibly cross over to Jeonbuk by breaking the law or regulatory framework. 

Of course, he is a professional player, but he can remain in the club by relying on personal loyalty. Of course, even in this case, discussions on renewing the contract with the club must always be actively conducted. Even if it remains as a verbal contract, the club itself has to actively work. 

It is standard for a professional player to move with a salary, an accurate contract, and active and prompt offers. There is no player who does not want him or who will remain only as a ‘janjeong’ in a club that is lukewarm. 

Manager Hong may also be disappointed with Amano’s transfer, but the prevailing opinion is that he made a rather careless remark to throw in public.

On the other hand, Amano said, “I was shocked and disappointed, not disappointed” by coach Hong, but still expressed “(still) respect coach Hong, a comrade and gift that brought me to the K-League and fought together for the championship.” Showed respect. He was mature and had a true ‘professional’ personality. 

Whether Ulsan’s offer was really slower than Jeonbuk’s is unknown until accurate evidence and contracts come out. 

However, their attitude as ‘professionals’ towards each other was clearly visible.

Jeonbuk and Ulsan will play the official K League 1 opening game on the 25th of next month at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium. Fans are focusing their attention on the head-to-head confrontation between Amano and director Hong Myung-bo’s ‘professionalism’. 

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