DeGrin admits: “Pax is a great player, unbelievable”

“I couldn’t let De’Aaron Pax go 1-1.”

Game 4 of the first round of the NBA Western Conference playoffs between the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings held on the 24th (Korean time). After the first half, Golden State coaches suggested coach Steve Kerr switch defender Pax. It was after Pax played an active role with 21 points only in the first and second quarters.

After that, Draymond Green, who has the best defense in Golden State, started blocking Pax. When Green was on defense, Pax missed 5 of 7 shots.

Even in the last defense right before the end of the game, Golden State had a clear goal. It was to prevent Pax from throwing the last shot. In the end, Green and Stephen Curry caught up to Pax, who had no choice but to pass to Harrison Barnes.

Barnes’ shot missed. The game was won by Golden State by one point. The series record was 2 wins and 2 losses. 메이저놀이터

“I knew Pax would attack in the last attack. I couldn’t watch him go one-on-one,” Green said. ” he praised.

When Kerr told him to defend Pax, Green laughed to himself. “I thought stopping Pax would be an important move throughout the series. I was happy to be able to stop Pax. I am always grateful when given the task of defending the opposing team’s best player,” he said.

Pax was named Clutch Player of the Year for the first time this season. A situation within 5 minutes of the end of the game, within a 5-point difference, is called a clutch. Pax has been the most clutch scorer this season.

The playoffs, which are played for the first time this season, are no different. In the 4th game, he flew with 38 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists. He performed consistently well, averaging 31.5 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists over 4 games.

Game 5 between the two teams will be held on the 27th. On this day, it seems that the two teams will be divided between Pax’s offense and Golden State’s defense to prevent it.

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