“Conte, leave ‘right now’!”… If Tottenham want to ‘win’

A person appeared who urged Tottenham manager Antonio Conte to leave ‘right now’.

Conte has a contract with Tottenham until this season. No progress has been made on his renewal, and manager Conte is constantly complaining to the club. Local media predict that Conte will leave Tottenham at the end of this season. Italy’s Juventus and others are analyzed to be Conte’s next destination.

However, there is a voice telling me to leave Tottenham right now, rather than waiting until the end of this season. The main character of this voice is Chris Sutton, a former striker who played for Chelsea and Celtic in the past. 로켓 토토

“It’s better for everyone if Conte leaves now,” Sutton told the BBC.

“I think Conte will stay until the end of the season. But with him, Tottenham are really confused. Conte’s Tottenham have been regressing since last season. They have lost consistency again. If Tottenham want to improve, now is the time.” It’s better to make a change,” he added.

AC Milan and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) and Sheffield United and the FA Cup showed Tottenham’s limitations, Sutton argued.

He said, “The Tottenham match against AC Milan was really dry. The match against Sheffield United was even worse. What are Tottenham playing for now? There is a possibility of finishing 4th in the league, but looking at this season, I was very disappointed. Tottenham fans “It has destroyed their hopes. Under Conte, Tottenham will never win trophies.”

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