Chairman Chung Mong-gyu, who said “I will communicate”, are you really ready to hear ‘direct words’?

While the Korea Football Association (Soccer Association) formed a new board of directors, Chairman Chung Mong-gyu emphasized communication.

The Football Association formed a new executive team at the Seoul Soccer Center on the 2nd.

The composition of this new board of directors was the aftermath of the controversy over the surprise pardon that occurred last month. The Korea Football Association pardoned 100 soccer players who were being disciplined, including match fixing, and soccer fans were outraged. As criticism intensified, the Football Association completely withdrew the amnesty. At the same time, as all the board members resigned, a new executive team had to be formed.

The Football Association made several changes to the new executive branch. The biggest feature is that the executive director position, which was mainly in charge of the existing footballers and oversaw the administration of the Football Association, was removed. Instead of managing director, a full-time vice chairman position was created, and Kim Jeong-bae (57), former vice minister of culture and sports, was named.

The names of several outsiders were also confirmed by the administration. Joon-hee Han (53), a soccer commentator, joined as vice president. Several people took the positions of directors, including Lee Geun-ho (Daegu FC) and Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC Wimin), who are the presidents of the Professional Soccer Players Association, and Jeon Jeon-rim (31), a physical education teacher at Seoul Deokseong Girls’ High School.

Chairman Chung cited ‘communication’ as the reason for including a new outsider in the executive department. Chairman Chung said, “The key to this board reorganization is communication. I felt that I had to communicate according to a set procedure. He wants to hear their stories by including various footballers on the board of directors,” he explained.

The biggest problem recently pointed out by the Football Association is ‘disconnection’. In the process of announcing the amnesty, it was criticized for making a surprise announcement on a day focused on A-match and making a unilateral decision without any discussion process. 메이저놀이터

The frustrating administration, not recognizing the atmosphere of Korean soccer, meant a break in communication. At the same time, within the Football Association, the suspicion that there is no person who can ‘speak directly’ to Chairman Chung has grown even bigger.

In response to the question, ‘Are you ready to accept the opinions of the board of directors? Even during meetings, there are many cases in which a person has to be nominated before talking. It is important that people with diverse opinions participate in the discussion and share their opinions. Then the depth of the toy will also be added. We included them in the executive branch to hear their thoughts, so we will reflect them a lot.”

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