‘Asani hat-trick’ Gwangju, 5-0 win over Incheon…Seoul Theater win, Pohang-Gangwon Mu

The promoted team, Gwangju FC, won 5-0 against Incheon United. FC Seoul won the away road to Jeju United. On the other hand, Pohang Steelers drew with Gangwon FC.

Gwangju won 5-0 against Incheon in the 4th round of the ”Hanawon Q K League 1 2023” held at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium on the 18th at 2:00 pm. With this, Gwangju broke the 2-game losing streak and rose to 4th place with 2 wins and 2 losses (6 points). On the other hand, Incheon ranked 6th in the league with 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses (4 points).

It was a goal feast in Gwangju. Gwangju started to take the lead with Asani scoring the first goal in the 8th minute. In the 19th minute of the first half, Um Ji-seong scored an additional goal to widen the score, and the first half ended 2-0. The bombing of Gwangju continued in the second half. In the 4th minute of the second half, Lee Hee-gyun scored and took the win. In the 23rd and 26th minutes of the second half, Asani scored two more goals and scored a hat-trick that day.

At the same time, Pohang drew 1-1 with Gangwon in the 4th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ held at Pohang Steel Yard. As a result, Pohang is in 3rd place with 2 wins and 2 draws (8 points), while Gangwon is in 10th place with 2 draws and 2 losses (2 points).

The first team to go ahead was the visiting team, Gangwon. Gangwon took the lead with Gallego’s opening goal in the 18th minute of the first half. Pohang was on the offensive throughout the second half, aiming for Gangwon’s goal. It finally paid off. In the 45th minute of the second half, Lee Ho-jae scored an equalizer and the match ended 1-1. 토토사이트

Seoul won the theater victory. On the 18th at 4:30 pm at the Jeju World Cup Stadium, they won 2-1 against Jeju in the 4th round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’. As a result, Seoul has risen to the top of the league with 3 wins and 1 loss (9 points). On the other hand, Jeju stayed in 11th place with 2 draws and 2 losses (2 points).

After the first half ended 0-0, both teams showed off their hot offense in the second half. The first team to laugh was Seoul. In the 21st minute of the second half, the ball from the corner kick hit the body of Kim Bong-soo, who was competing with Osmar, and went straight into the goal. 

Jeju, who gave up one goal, continued to knock. In the end, Choi Cheol-Won’s mistake was intercepted by Song Joo-Hun in the second half of extra time and the equalizer was scored. Situation of 1-1 Seoul did not give up. In the second half of added time, Palošević scored a dramatic goal and eventually won 2-1.

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