Alhilal bets 1.4 trillion megadeal on Mbappe, ‘feuding with PSG’

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal has made a €300 million ($425.5 million) bid for Kylian Mbappe, who is at odds with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) over his contract, the highest transfer fee in world professional soccer history.

“Al-Hilal has offered 300 million euros for Mbappe,” French sports outlet L’Equipe reported on Aug. 25 (KST), adding that “PSG has authorized Al-Hilal to negotiate directly with Mbappe.”

The €300 million is the highest transfer fee in world professional soccer history, surpassing the €222 million PSG paid for Neymar from FC Barcelona in 2017. PSG also paid the next highest transfer fee (€18 million) for Mbappe in 2018 when they acquired him outright from AS Monaco in the same league.

Alhilal’s offer doesn’t appear to have ended there. “Alhilal are considering €700 million for Mbappe,” reports Spain’s Relevo. That’s 200 million euros in pure salary, plus endorsement deals and bonuses. Furthermore, Alhilal reportedly wouldn’t mind if Mbappe played just one year and left for Real Madrid, a club he has been strongly linked with in recent years. He’s even willing to sign a one-year deal.

However, it remains to be seen if Mbappe will accept the astronomical offer of €1 billion ($1.4174 billion) in transfer fees and salary. “Mbappe is not interested in Al-Hilal’s offer,” ESPN reported, citing sources.

PSG and Mbappe have been engaged in a “soap opera. Mbappe, who signed a 2+1 year deal with PSG in June last year, recently announced that he would not be exercising his one-year extension option. As it stands, Mbappe will become a free agent at the end of the 2023-24 season and can leave the club without incurring a transfer fee. PSG would be in the position of letting one of the world’s best players walk for free. Mbappe’s change of heart is likely due to the fact that many of the terms of his new contract, including the release of Neymar, have not been met.

It’s a frustrating situation for PSG, who are owed up to €90 million in loyalty bonuses if Mbappe stays with the club until September 1, when the European summer transfer window closes. PSG is pressuring Mbappe to make a final decision by the end of July, including leaving him out of the team’s East Asia tour roster. There are also reports that if he stays with the team, he will be benched for the entire season. 토토사이트

With Alhilal’s offer, PSG are expected to launch a full-scale sale of Mbappe, including a loan. Sky Sports reported that PSG believes at least five teams are interested in Mbappe. They are Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham (all in England), Inter Milan (Italy), and Barcelona.

Al-Hilal finished third in the Saudi Arabian league in the 2022-23 season. Earlier, Al-Hilal reportedly offered PSG a two-year, €1.2 billion deal to keep Lionel Messi, who is leaving as a free agent. However, Messi rejected the offer and joined Inter Miami in the US Major League Soccer (MLS).

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