A new manager is imminent, what Suwon needs is ‘faith’

The appointment of a new captain to lead Suwon Samsung Bluewings, which is in danger of relegation this season, is imminent. The appointment of coach Kim Byung-soo, who led Gangwon until 2021, is likely.

According to multiple sources, it is known that director Kim Byung-soo has finished his long agony. If nothing special happens, director Kim Byung-soo’s trip to Suwon is known to be definitive.

Even if manager Kim Byung-soo’s appointment is canceled, Suwon is expected to be able to turn the atmosphere around with a new manager. Many fans are anticipating that Suwon, who has not been able to establish a relationship with Seungri due to detailed tactical mistakes, will appoint a manager who will fill that 2 percent gap.

However, football is not just a manager. Managers are people too and there is a fear of relegation. Not many people want their career to end as a relegation evangelist. That is the reason why the directors who submitted their resumes to Suwon showed a lukewarm response to Suwon’s offer.

Public opinion is also negative. The club that managed to remain in the first half of 2 draws and 8 losses was Incheon United in 2020, and it also had an automatic relegation due to the re-creation of Sangju Sangmu. That’s why Suwon’s coaching job is called the ‘Poisoned Holy Grail’.

In order to reduce the burden of relegation risk, the club must show faith in him. Even if Suwon accepts the report card of relegation, it is important to create the spirit of the team in the long term without dismissing the manager. 

Sanfrecce Hiroshima in Japan, a neighboring country, has experienced a situation similar to Suwon. After Mihailo Petrovic’s appointment in 2007, Sanfrecce Hiroshima went through a promotion playoff without any reinforcement, and accepted the report card of relegation from the J2 League after losing to Kyoto Sanga.

Since then, most public opinion has been dominated by the expectation that Petrovic will step down, but the management of Sanfrecce Hiroshima has exceptionally decided to retain coach Petrovic. His tactics and command of the squad were highly evaluated. 토스카지노

Petrović, who was retained like that, achieved 100 points in the J2 League and was immediately promoted to the J1 League, and in 2009, he finished 4th and reached the AFC Champions League.

Manager Petrović was in charge of Sanfrecce Hiroshima until 2011, then handed over the position to the current Japanese manager, Hajime Moriyasu, in 2012. Leading consecutive championships, he made Sanfrecce Hiroshima the strongest team in the J-League in name and reality. It is a dramatic example of a process that changed while going through relegation and returned to winning. 

Suwon is also an opportunity to correct the wrong decisions they have made in the past. It is to give great trust to the manager and run the club according to the director’s will. Even if they face relegation, they should give them time to develop their philosophy. That is a retreat to take two steps forward. 

The fateful day is coming. What kind of future can Suwon draw with the new director? What kind of future will the coach who will lead Suwon, which is at the crossroads of relegation and retention in 2023, create for Suwon?

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